Monitoring the conditions in our supply chain

"It is essential that we continuously monitor and follow up with our suppliers to ensure compliance with our requirements for working conditions, human rights and environmental protection."

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I felt the team spirit from start

"I like it that we’re not afraid to solve problems, whether it’s customers or colleagues who need help. Sometimes it’s even moving when customers are surprised to get help from us."

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Finnish retail industry in change

“Clas Ohlson is passionate for simplifying life in all kinds of homes. This resonates well with the Finnish people, who I believe have quite a practical mindset. We would now need to position Clas Ohlson top of mind when it comes to making life at home easier."

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Meet Patrick Finch, Business Insights Manager at Clas Ohlson

“For brands in general, people will say that loyalty is weak these days, primarily because of the increased choice available to customers. But trust is more important than ever."

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​ Stine Trygg-Hauger – one of Norway’s most outstanding young leaders!

“I am so proud of the fact that Clas Ohlson had three nominees this year. In addition to myself, Amanda Berglind and Asad Durrani, two super competent store managers, were also in the top 100 list of young leaders.” 

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